Tamil Nadu HSC Exam Results 2020| Pallikalvi 12th Result 2020

Tamil Nadu HSC Exam Results 2020| Pallikalvi 12th Result 2020



Student Teacher Relationship :

The concept of student-teacher relationship has undergone a sweeping change over the years. In the present day
context, a teacher is neither a father-figure not a mere trainer. He is rather a mother-figure and a friend at his best.
He should realize the academic load on the pupils and made the student friendly and totally relevant to his needs
in later life. He not only teachers the subject but also helps the student to discover the potential-teacher within
himself which enables his to discriminate between right and wrong. His friendship begins in the classes, but
moves beyond, and keeps the student curious, ready to think and act boldly in any given situation. His interest is
not confined to the studies of the student alone. He has a role to play in his student’s personal affairs and co-
curricular activities like sports, games, art, music, excursion, field trips, etc. he has to move closer to his student’s
heart. He is not only a guide to his career, but a dependable guide to the development of his all round personality.
He is an inseparable shrewd psychological companion and a friend in need. He gives his guidance without giving
the impression that he is lording over and helps the student to come out with creative ability. He has to acquire
more knowledge and skill and learn new techniques. He has to impart discipline and moral values with a sense of
mission and by his example to serve as an ideal mentor. A student is a human gift to the teacher, endowed with
instincts and emotions and creativity. He comes as an unquestioning believer in the abilities of a teacher. But
when the teacher fails in, he turns into questioning youth and does not allow himself to be taken for granted. He
never likes his teacher treating him a suspect, not understanding his condition and crisis. He expects his teacher to
be a co-student, equally interested in knowledge attaining, accepting his inabilities and sharing his experiences
within. He does not like holier-than-though attitude, on the part of his teacher. To sum up, the teacher aims at a
concern for his student’s welfare and also aims at appreciation of posterity habits of responsibility and self
discipline, promoting individual judgement.Thus, a good teacher should make the student feel at home and make
learning a pleasant and enjoyable pre-occupation with an adequate goal for his future and a good student should
emulate his teacher’s example. Two questionnaires are suggested which are open to improvement and
modification. The first one is meant for teachers. The teachers can administer to themselves to assess their
personal traits and professional attributes. The second one is meant for students. It can be administered to them
to assess their teacher.


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